Talks for beekeeping groups and events

Ken and Dan Basterfield regularly give popular talks and lectures on practical and thought-provoking beekeeping topics. They have spoken across the UK and Ireland, from local association meetings to national and international conferences.

The only father and son team to ever have been awarded the National Diploma in Beekeeping (the highest UK qualification), they run around 120 colonies commercially together, based at Blackbury Honey Farm in Devon.

They set up Advanced Beekeeping Courses in 2020 to offer practical and hands-on courses  aimed at beekeepers with 3-5 years of experience, using the purpose built teaching and laboratory facilities at Blackbury Honey Farm.

Click on the link to the right to download our list of talks, which details 30 different talks.

Arranging a talk

Evening talks are generally from 7:30pm – 9pm on a weekday and can be done in-person or by Zoom. We offer evening talks outside of the beekeeping season, i.e. September – April. Daytime talks in person (e.g. at a conference or AGM) or by Zoom can be booked for morning or afternoon at weekends, and can be reserved year-round.

The reservation system below is linked to Ken and Dan’s calendars and allows you to directly check and reserve their availability for evening or weekend talks. Not only does this save a lot of to-and-fro with emails, but more importantly, emails can get overlooked in the busy beekeeping months of May – July when many requests for talks come in. This online system allows you to make a reservation in their calendars for your chosen topic and emails you and them immediately for confirmation.

You can reserve either speaker for any topic on this list, or if you have a particular topic in mind that is not listed, you can add details and they will discuss this with you. Ken and Dan enjoy putting together new talks around interesting topics, so do not be afraid to ask!


A daytime or evening talk by Zoom is £70.

An evening talk in person is £100 plus return mileage from EX24 6JF at 50p/mile.

A daytime event (two talks) in person is £180 plus return mileage from EX24 6JF at 50p/mile.

If your venue for a daytime or evening talk is more than an hour and a half away from Blackbury Honey Farm, we would ask that you arrange accommodation to ease the travelling. Click here to go to Google Maps to check distance from us to your venue.

Zoom talks

We have been running talks and classes by Zoom for several years now, and have fast internet connections to provide clear and crisp presentations.

You would set up and host the Zoom meeting, publicise the event, and manage attendees, providing us with a link to join. Most evening talks start at 7:30pm; we would join just after 7pm to check sound, video, etc.

We ask that talks are not recorded and circulated outside of your beekeeping group.