Advanced training for beekeepers

Building skills and confidence. Making the transition from novice to competent beekeeper.

Opening horizons and de-mystifying the craft of beekeeping.

Encouraging and developing ‘thinking beekeepers’.

Short Courses

2024 dates now added

Weekend courses to advance specific skills and study for the beekeeper with 3 or more years of experience and who may be studying for the BBKA, SBA, WBKA, or FIBKA examinations and assessments.

Each course is a mix of theory, practice, and discussion appropriate to the subject matter. With 2 expert tutors and up to 12 students, attendees can really advance their skills and knowledge.

New book published - Using Apideas

Queen raising is one of the most rewarding aspects of beekeeping, allowing beekeepers to propagate the desirable characteristics of their best colonies throughout their apiaries. Father and son commercial beekeepers Ken and Dan Basterfield, both holders of the National Diploma in Beekeeping, have been using Apideas to raise their own queens for forty years.

Here they present the tips and techniques that have evolved with their working practices. This book is for anyone who would like to use Apidea (or similar) mini polystyrene mating nucs to produce mated queens. Whether you are thinking of ten or a hundred Apideas, the principles and practices covered here will scale up accordingly.

Available to purchase online as a softback or hardback, from £25.


Ken and Dan Basterfield regularly give popular talks and lectures on practical and thought-provoking beekeeping topics. They have spoken across the UK and Ireland, from local association meetings to national and international conferences.

Download our list of 30 different topics, and use our online calendar tool to check availability and request the talk you want on your preferred date and time.